Divide by zero error exception in java

14: dup 15: ldc # 34; / / String / by zero 17: invokespecial # 36; / / Method java/ lang/ ArithmeticException. if ( run = = 0) { throw new IllegalArgumentException( " Divide by zero error" ) ; }. Apart from the previous bullet, it is a bad idea to catch Exception, RuntimeException, Throwable or Error. This is because Java only disallows integer division by zero - floating point division by zero is legal and produces. Java handles the situation like any other language. A divide by zero error generates a processor exception which triggers an interrupt. The interrupt is " read" by the operating system and forwarded to the program if a handler is. Division by zero returns Infinity, which is similar to NaN ( not a number). Java will not throw an exception if you divide by float zero. It will detect a run- time error only if you divide by integer zero not double nning this code with int s would definitely cause an arithmetic division- by- zero exception. Why does Java ignore it.

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    Zero java exception

    As an integer must hold a specific numerical value, an error must be thrown on division by zero when dealing with them. Try turning this around if ( ( a% ( b- 1) = = 0) & & ( b> 2) ). to if ( ( b> 2) & & a% ( b- 1) = = 0). What' s happening is that the a% ( b- 1) operation is being executed before the b> 2 test. After the switch, you are taking advantage of short- circuit. It will detect a run- time error only if you divide by integer zero not double zero. Since the error is in the supplied arguments, throw an IllegalArgumentException. Either create your own custom exception class to represent a divide by zero error or throw the same type of exception the java runtime is also debatable whether you should implement this using exceptions or by testing for zero explicitly. IMO, either way is acceptable here. Division by zero will most likely be a rare occurrence for this code, and the rule is you.