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Here is my Javascript code function SelectAllCheckboxes( spanChk). TelerikCdn" value= " Enabled" / > ( instead of " Disabled" ) I also experience a js error: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ telerik is not defined This doesn' t happen in my real code btw, just happens on the page I copy/ pasted from your. change this line " if ( typeof( Page_ Validators) = = " undefined" ) " to if ( typeof( Page_ Validators)! = " undefined" ). Why does the Page_ ClientValidate throw this error when called from a button click from the form view? – William May 12 ' 11 at 15: 28. up vote 12 down vote. The Page_ ClientValidate function may sometimes be undefined, e. if there are no validators on the page. up vote 0 down vote. Call the following Javascript function whenever you want and pass the validation group name of your form to it. you can use validate. js for input validations - it gives you the ability to validate almost any kinds of inputs - from numbers. and when this control is used on an MVC View ( by using Render Partial) the view errors with the following error;. I cant' simply change this from an ascx web forms user control because it is dynamically added to both MVC and Web Forms pages ( we have a mixed.

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    Undefined error javascript

    There are a couple of values you can check against from the client relating to the page, see. / / Page_ Validators is an array of validation controls in the page. if ( Page_ Validators! = undefined & & Page_ Validators! the whole problem was that i didnt have any fields to valdidate. Once i plced required field validators the problem was resolved. i think may be there is not any RequiredValidator Control in your page~ ~. Getting this error in my VWD Express this morning on a web site that ran last time I opened it a few weeks ago. Page loads OK, then goes nuts on postback. Breaks in a module named script block. I am getting an error when I run the code in Internet Explore 11. It works fine when I run on FF and Chrome. I also checked IE 8 on windows server server and it works. error SCRIPT5009: ' Page_ ClientValidate' is undefined.